Small, yellow and totally bananaaaaa!

Whenever the Minions return to the screen, we pull out all the stops. And they make all channels and the entire city unsafe. From outdoor to online, from social media to online promotion, to influencer marketing. “Minions” is a perfect example of the more than 350 titles we have successfully launched for Universal Pictures Austria since 2001.

A 360° Campaign



Social Media

Influencer Marketing

Do you speak Minion?

“Hello, papagena! Tu le bella comme le papaya!”

Minions in the city - Poca Banana?

No-one gets past the Minions. From wild posters to branded trams, online and offline promotions, to influencer marketing. Universal Pictures called on us to pull out all the stops to make every aspect of Despicable Me and the Minions a box-office hit.